Proper hydration plays a crucial role in health and performance.

Water is the single largest nutrient in the body—and one of the most important. Water is needed to regulate body temperature, keep skin moist and transport oxygen and essential nutrients to cells. Yet, our bodies are also constantly losing water, as vapour in breath and as liquid from perspiration and urine, which must be replaced. A loss of just 1–2% of body water can put a strain on the cardiovascular system, and cause both health and performance to suffer.

Most people can get all the fluids they need from beverages and foods by simply letting thirst be their guide. However, because children, athletes and older adults are more vulnerable to dehydration and certain situations such as extremes in climate and altitude can increase fluid losses, it's important to know when paying closer attention to fluid intake is important. If you're thirsty, your body's trying to tell you something important: It's time to hydrate!

When you're thirsty, chances are you've got a certain type of beverage in mind. Experts agree that when it comes to your overall health and wellness, water is the best choice. But it's not the only one. Remember, every drop you drink contributes toward your hydration needs.

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